Hi, I’m Brenda
The Soulutionist

Welcome, I am Brenda Warren, known as The Soulutionist. I want to share my transformative journey to inspire and empower myself and others to TAPIN to live their best lives NOW!

In 2011 while working as an Environmental Services Director at a Hospital in North Carolina, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma(MST).

As a retired United States Marine with 20 years of active service, the shame and guilt were too much for me to bear. I would live in denial for three years before my world fell apart. No longer able to hide, I would find myself sitting on my couch for eight years, unable to function due to depression and anxiety.

But then something amazing happened. I got off the sofa and started walking in my driveway, making social media posts. It would be the beginning of me starting to advocate for my mental health and TAPIN to what made me happy.

Now, men and women worldwide are using the TAPIN Method™ I created to live their best lives NOW! NOW stands for No Opportunity Wasted! As a Business/Pattern for Living Coach, I help entrepreneurs close the gaps between their desire and reality, and through self-publishing, I help people turn their mess or their message into a message for the masses.


  • Retired with 20 years of active service in the United States Marine
  • Spent 8 Years as a Hospital Director
  • 1 amazing child
  • 3 time Best Selling Author
  • Creator of the TAPIN Method™
  • Featured on podcasts, magazines, and television shows such as The Editors Desk, and The Best You TV Summit, and is the Host of Talk To Me

Her proudest accomplishment is being a mother to an incredible non-binary child. Her Kiddo has opened so many doors for growth. She’s been granted insight into what it means to be yourself authentically and is eager to share her wisdom with people from all walks of life, encouraging them to TAPIN every step of the way as they journey towards living their best lives and becoming UNSTOPPABLE!

My Mission

To help entrepreneurs discover how they can live their best lives NOW!
No Opportunity Wasted,
while they close the gap between their desires and reality.



T – I learned the importance of mindset in the Marine Corps. Once I got off the sofa, my military training would be instrumental in creating the TAPIN Method™ and my transformation.



A – I announced that I would change my life and gain accountability from Lisa Ducharme 15 Minute Results Coach



P – Preparing for my breakthrough, I would have to change my lifestyle. Exercise, Meditation, Journaling, and eating healthy became daily habits.



I – I imagined myself living my best life NOW – NO OPPORTUNITY WASTED!



N – I am nurturing my transformation as I dream big and then bigger than that.

“The Choices You Make Today Will Be The Reality You Live Tomorrow.

Choose Wisely!”

-Brenda Warren