We Are Stronger Together Strength In Diversity 

We Are Stronger Together Strength In Diversity: Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders across the Military Community Warren By Lisa Ducharme and Brenda Warren

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  • Clear Guidance to Build Your Business
  • Take an Intimate Glimpses into a Diverse Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Resources to Grow Your Business
  • Reference Guide That Will Keep Giving

Get ready to experience a wealth of timely guidance on getting a business started. We Are Stronger Together Strength In Diversity, a complete resource for the military community as well as for new and newly starting entrepreneurs of all levels.

Build Your Entrepreneur Dreams One Page at a Time

52 Week Entrepreneur Journal

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  • Your Business at A Glance
  • Daily Reflections and Evaluation
  • Weekly Goal Setting and Review
  • Networking and more

Are you ready to revolutionize your thinking and take your business to the next level? Introducing the 52 Week Entrepreneur Journal, a complete resource for new and newly starting entrepreneurs of all levels.

Embark on your
Transformative Journey

SOUL SEARCHING: Get on board for transformation

– The Only Question Is, Are You Ready For Transformation?

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  • An adventure to self-discovery
  • Easy to remember strategy to create the results you want in all life areas

The TAPIN MethodTM is a unique approach that helps people seek clarity and focus on the key elements of their lives.

Unlock the Secrets of Efficiency

The Truth About How to Save Money and Time:
Amazingly Simple Business Success Tip

– Learn What We Wish We Knew

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  • Turning your hobby into a business
  • Self Reflection sheet after every page

Learn from our experiences, mistakes, and successes as we explore effective strategies to help you save time and money while achieving successful outcomes.

An Uplifting Journey of Introspection and Self-Actualization:

Daddy Daughter Dynamic: The Path to Healing

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  • Amazon Bestseller
  • 5 Star Reviews
  • 13 Incredible Stories

Brenda is one of thirteen incredible women that make up THE POWER 13 — a diverse group of individuals with unique stories, yet all connected by their shared journeys of self-reflection and growth, including an intimate look into the ups and downs of the Daddy Daughter Dynamic.