The choices you make today will be the reality you live tomorrow.
Choose Wisely! – Brenda, The Soulutionist


Brenda, The Soulutionist offers programs designed to help entrepreneurs close the gap between their current and desired levels of success. Through self-publishing, coaching, and mentorship, these programs provide entrepreneurs the tools, community, and guidance to achieve their business goals and realize their full potential.


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Self publishing/coaching

Apply for one-on-one Self-Publishing Coaching with Brenda, The Soulutionist, and witness your vision come to life. Brenda will be your dedicated guide, providing personalized attention and tailored advice as she helps you navigate the entire self-publishing process. From manuscript development to cover design to marketing strategies, Brenda has got you covered. Stop letting your potential go unrealized. Invest in your success today by applying for self-publishing coaching with Brenda and unlock endless opportunities for passive income. Don’t wait; this customized program, designed to save you time and money, is tailored to your needs. Let’s go beyond the book together and discover how to maximize your entrepreneurial potential!

Starting At $4,997