Reflections on My 61st Birthday Things I Know for Sure, Number One I Am Grateful!

by | Dec 28, 2023

As I celebrate my 61st birthday, I can’t help but reflect on the things I know for sure. It’s been a journey filled with ups and downs, but the one thing that has remained constant is gratitude. I am grateful for the things I have accomplished and the people who have helped me along the way. In this article, I want to share my reflections on what I know for sure, starting with gratitude. If you are an entrepreneur looking to live your best life, join me on this journey.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is the cornerstone of a happy life; there is no substitute for it. Whenever I feel down, I remind myself of the things I am grateful for. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of life, but gratitude shifts your focus to the positive things. As an entrepreneur, you might face many challenges that can make you feel discouraged. But, if you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, it will give you the strength to carry on and persevere.

Life Is Precious

The second thing I know for sure is that life is precious, and we should make the most out of every moment. There was a time when I did not feel this way. I thank God for the National Crisis Hotline. Anyone can dial 988, Veterans Press (1), if you feel like harming yourself to talk with someone 24/7. I made the call, and I am still here. I now realize time is a finite resource, and we don’t know how much of it we have left, and we should live it to the fullest. I have also come to understand that it is essential to live purposefully and intentionally. As an entrepreneur, you should be clear on your goals and ensure that each day brings you closer to achieving them. Please don’t wait for the perfect moment or the perfect opportunity; seize the day and make it count.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Thirdly, I know for sure that relationships are vital to our well-being and success. We were created to live in community, and we thrive when we have meaningful connections with others. In my personal life, I have chosen to love like there is no heartbreak. In business, meaningful relationships that help me grow bring me joy and give me strength. As an entrepreneur, please do not neglect your personal life; it should be your anchor. In your business, you should build a network of supportive people who can help you achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to reach out to mentors, colleagues, or even competitors. You might be surprised at how much you can learn from others and how much they can teach you.

Failure Not An Option

The fourth thing I know for sure is that failures are part of the journey. However, it has NEVER been an option for me. You will fail numerous times as an entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. My mother told me when you FAIL, you simply Find Another Idea Later. Her words allowed me to always use failures as learning opportunities and keep moving forward. Success is often the result of multiple failures, and it takes a lot of courage to try again after being knocked down. Remember, failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of the process, so find another idea and keep it moving!

Purpose Gives You Power

Lastly, I know for sure that a sense of purpose is a powerful motivator. I want to support passionate entrepreneurs in closing the gap between their desires and reality at an affordable price in The Soulutionist Portal, hosted on the Convene Communities platform inside my free-to-join LIFE Community. I want to encourage them to create harmony in their minds, bodies, and soul so they can live their best lives. All while doing business their way. Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve energizes you to take action and keep going. As an entrepreneur, you should be driven by a sense of purpose that goes beyond profit or personal gain. Imagine what you could make happen if your business is a force for good and strives to impact the world positively.

Live Your Best Life NOW!

As I celebrate my 61st birthday, I am grateful for the things I know for sure. Gratitude is a daily necessity; living purposefully brings me joy; building relationships gives me strength; loving like there is no heartbreak brings me peace; embracing failure is not an option; I can find another idea later, and having a sense of purpose is a requirement. At the same time, I believe helping one person daily is essential to living my best life. As an entrepreneur, whatever your age, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world, and I encourage you to seize the day and make the most out of every moment. Remember, NOW stands for No Opportunity Wasted, so go out there and make the most out of your life. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Join my LIFE Community for Free to gain access to The Soulutionist Portal. Always remember, the choices you make today will be the reality you live in tomorrow. So choose wisely. Be Blessed.


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