Twelve Dreams Fulfilled by Helping Entrepreneurs Live Their Dreams

by | Dec 31, 2023

As we countdown the days until the New Year, I cannot help but feel proud of the many entrepreneurs I have coached throughout the year. Witnessing my and their growth, transformation, and, ultimately, realizing their dreams has brought me immense joy. I have always been passionate about guiding entrepreneurs and people in achieving their goals and unlocking their full potential. In this article, I will share twelve dreams of the many fulfilled by entrepreneurs I have worked with in 2023. We focus on mindset and doing business their way using a mind, body, and soul approach. Each of them continues to close the gap between their desire and reality, helping them live their best life NOW (No Opportunities Wasted) while building their dreams, which makes me happy as a coach. I feel blessed that they trusted me with their dreams.

Launching a Successful Online Business

One of my clients dreamed of starting an online business but needed to figure out where to start. Through our sessions, she gained the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to launch her business successfully. Witnessing her thriving and generating income from her business is one of my proudest coaching moments.

Writing a Book

Another one of my clients had a goal of writing a book but needed help figuring out where to start. Through our coaching sessions, she broke down her steps, and together, we created a roadmap that led to the publication of her book. Seeing her book published, receiving positive reviews, and becoming a best seller has been incredibly fulfilling for both her and me. I am proud to say that I worked with over thirty authors this year.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

One of my clients had a debilitating fear of public speaking. Together, we worked on building her confidence and improving her presentation skills. Seeing her speak confidently at a conference and receiving praise from the attendees was a true testament to her hard work and dedication. She indicated that the media training I provided was a real game-changer. I even helped another client prepare for a TedX; what a beautiful experience.

Scaling a Business

One of my clients had an established business but wanted to scale it further. She learned how to delegate tasks, streamline processes, and implement effective marketing strategies through our coaching. Witnessing her business expand and grow has been a rewarding experience for both of us.

Building a Strong Team

One of my clients needed help finding the right team members to grow the business. Through our coaching, she was able to define what she needed and implement effective recruitment strategies. Seeing her team come together and work towards a shared vision has been a fulfilling experience.

Finding Harmony

One of my clients struggled with work-life balance. I introduced her to my harmony practice. Through our coaching, she learned how to prioritize her time, delegate tasks, and practice self-care. Seeing her find harmony and be more present with her family has been a true blessing.

Creating a Successful Partnership

One of my clients dreamed of partnering with another business but needed help approaching it. Through our coaching, she created a mutually beneficial partnership that has been successful for both companies. Seeing the positive impact of the partnership has been a joyful experience.

Creating a Positive Work Culture

One of my clients recognized the need for a positive work culture in her business. Through our coaching, she implemented policies and procedures that fostered a positive and supportive work environment. Seeing her team members happy and motivated to come to work has been a satisfying experience.

Transforming a Hobby into a Business

One of my clients had a hobby she wanted to turn into a business. Through our coaching, she identified a market for her products and developed a business plan. Seeing her transform her passion into a profitable business has been fulfilling.

Expanding into International Markets

One of my clients dreamed of expanding their business into international markets. Through our coaching, they learned about researching international laws and regulations, cultural differences, and effective marketing strategies. Seeing their business expand beyond borders has been an exciting moment.

Giving Back to the Community

One of my clients wanted to give back to the community but needed to figure out where to start. Through our coaching, she identified a cause that aligned with her values and created a program that supported it. Seeing the positive impact of her program on the community has been a heart-warming experience.

Accomplishing a Life-long Dream

One of my clients had a life-long dream that seemed unattainable. Through our coaching, she was able to break down the steps required and create a plan that led to its realization. Witnessing her accomplish her life-long dream has been one of my most fulfilling experiences as a coach.

Live In The NOW!

As we wrap up this year and embark on a new one, I encourage all entrepreneurs to live their best life NOW – No opportunities to waste. As a coach, it brings me enormous joy to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. I am often left in awe as each client discovers they have the power to make whatever change they want and develop businesses that align with their values. Witnessing their growth and success is a reminder that anything is possible with the right mindset, dedication, and guidance. I am grateful for the entrepreneurs I have worked with and look forward to helping more in the new year. Remember, your dreams are within reach, and I am here to help you achieve them. For 2024, I have created an affordable way to reach even more passionate entrepreneurs called the Soulutionist Portal. If you want to work with me, Join my FREE LIFE Community inside Convene Communities platform and get information about my group coaching in the Soulutionist Portal. For information click here Soulutionist Portal.


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