Stay Connected: Navigating Social Media Downtime

by | Mar 6, 2024

Stay Connected: Navigating Social Media Downtime

As entrepreneurs, we rely heavily on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with our customers and tribe. But what happens when these platforms unexpectedly go down? It is crucial to have a contingency plan in place to ensure that you can stay connected during downtime. I used Convene Communities, What’s App, and Flodesk and stayed connected throughout the outage. This article will explore alternative ways to stay connected and engaged with your audience when social media is unavailable so you can stay connected.

Customer Access:

When Facebook and Instagram recently experienced major outages, many of us were left scrambling to find alternative ways to reach our audience. One option is to utilize email campaign software, such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or Flodesk, to send updates, promotions, and newsletters directly to your customers’ inboxes. Using one of these or a similar program allows you to maintain communication even when social media platforms are inaccessible.

Private Groups:

Another option is to create a private community for your customers using platforms like Convene Communities, WhatsApp, or Slack. These private groups provide a space for your tribe to interact with each other and stay engaged with your brand even when social media is down. You can share exclusive content, host virtual events, and foster a strong sense of community among your followers.

Convene Communities:

One platform that has gained popularity for staying connected during social media outages is Convene Communities. This platform is designed with a purpose-driven approach to building communities and connecting like-minded individuals. My LIFE Community and Soulutionist Portal were fully functioning during the blackout. By creating a dedicated space for your tribe on Convene Communities, you can ensure that you have a reliable way to communicate and engage with your audience regardless of social media interruptions.

Online Diversity:

In addition to utilizing these alternative methods of staying connected, it is also essential to diversify your online presence beyond just social media platforms. Consider launching a website or blog where you can share content and connect with your audience independently of third-party platforms. Building an email list of loyal subscribers is another valuable asset that can help you stay connected during times of social media downtime.


The recent downtime experienced by Facebook and Instagram serves as a reminder of the importance of having a contingency plan in place for staying connected with your audience. By diversifying your online presence, utilizing email campaign software, creating private communities, and exploring purpose-driven platforms like Convene Communities, you can ensure that you have multiple channels for engaging with your customers and tribe. Stay proactive in maintaining connections outside of traditional social media platforms so you can continue living your best entrepreneurial life no matter what challenges come your way! Get information and join the Soulutionist Portal for additional training and a checklist to stay connected. BONUS: Need easy to use email marketing? Get 50% off your first year of Flodesk. This is my affiliate link.

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