Websites Made With Google Business Profiles End March 2024

by | Feb 10, 2024

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you rely on your website to connect with customers and grow your business. However, if you created your website using Google’s Business Profile platform, you may be in for a surprise. I just discovered Google announced that it will shut down all websites made through this platform by March 2024. This means businesses wanting to maintain their online presence must rebuild their sites using an alternative platform. Millions of websites will be affected, and those of you in the website-building business need to be prepared for new business NOW! This blog will explore what this change means for your website and offer some tips on smoothly transitioning to a new platform.

I read an article by Search Engine Land. They indicated a Google spokesperson told them:

  • “Websites made with Google Business Profiles are basic websites powered by the information on your Business Profile.”
  • “Domains that end with and will be removed from the website field on your Business Profile in March. We recommend that you update your Google Business Profile to point to a new website.”

So, what does this mean for your website? If you have been using Google Business Profiles to create your site, you must act fast and find a new platform before March 2024, when the shutdown takes place. Otherwise, you risk losing all of your data and content. Many options are available in today’s market, such as Wix, Squarespace,, Shopify, and more, each with its own set of pros and cons. Please do your research.

Secondly, when transitioning to a new platform, consider these key points:

  • Take backups of all files and data before starting the migration process.
  • Choose a design template that fits best with your brand image.
  • Optimize content with relevant keywords so search engines can easily find it.
  • Make sure to verify ownership and other settings on the Google My Business page.

Thirdly, it’s important to note that not all platforms are equal. While some may offer more customization options, others may have better SEO features or be easier to use. Therefore, it is important to do your research and choose a platform that best suits your needs. Take advantage of free trials or demos these website builders offer before making a final decision.

Fourthly, if you do not feel confident creating your website, consider hiring a professional web designer to assist you with the transition process. They can help you design a custom-fit site for your business needs and ensure everything runs smoothly once the site goes live.


In conclusion, the shutdown of websites built using Google Business Profiles has left many small business owners scrambling to find a new platform for their websites. However, with careful planning and research, this transition can be simple. Consider the key points mentioned above when choosing a new platform. Take advantage of available resources such as free trial periods or professional web designers to ensure the process runs smoothly. By doing so, you can continue to maintain an online presence for your business and reach out to customers effectively. Need help taking your business to the next level? Join The Soulutionist Portal Today. #NoOpportunityWasted

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